Bits and bobs – the value in small things!

My first born was a beautiful girl, Maya. As she grew we had blissful years and she taught me so much about myself and, I thought about little people. Turns out, she taught me so much about Maya. No two kids are the same right? Then when I had my second, Gus, I realised that boys can be so different to girls – or maybe everyone is an individual? In saying that, Gus became a gatherer, and a collector. I’ve heard this is not uncommon and I have witnessed this wonderful stage in many a little boy with two hands full of special tiny treasures. It only ever bugged me when the treasure was obviously not special… I mean, when did a rusted old, flattened Victoria Bitter lid hold any value? Or why covet a bit of plastic coated electrical wire that was discarded by the electrician who fitted the outdoor sensor light? I’m not so sure. My saving grace has been the Mini Play Pouch. “Gather what you like my darling, as long as it goes in your special Mini Play Pouch… very important and secret collections can go in the pocket!”. Suddenly I’m all earth-mother, uber-cool again. And interestingly, I have been far more accepting of the bolts, gum nuts and plastic unknowns. But blu-tak that could well be old chewing gum is actually not a collector’s item. Ever!

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