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Bits and bobs – the value in small things!

My first born was a beautiful girl, Maya. As she grew we had blissful years and she taught me so much about myself and, I thought, about little people. Turns out, she taught me so much about Maya. No two kids are the same right? When I had my second, Gus, I realised that boys can be so different to girls – or maybe everyone is an individual? Gus became a gatherer and a collector. It seems this is not uncommon and I have witnessed this wonderful stage in many little boys with two hands full of special tiny treasures. However, it bugged me when the treasure was obviously not special… I mean, when did a rusted old, flattened Victoria Bitter...

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Creative Play vs Digital Babysitting

As our babies grow into toddlers and pre-schoolers, life continues to be busy and get busier. Play with our kids can become less of a priority as house work, paid work and daily life rolls on. As adults, we can get caught up in order, organisation, cleanliness and routine. If we have a chance, we just want to relax! It can be hard to remember to make time to meet our little people on a playful level. Playing with our kids and letting go can be hard when we feel so time poor and pressured. It seems easier to resort to screens as digital baby-sitters. But as we know and as research shows, play is essential to the development of...

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Plastic Tub vs Play Pouch

I write this post for those of you who seek a sorted and organised home. Just so you know – my home is not perfectly organised! However, I have toyed with the idea of becoming a professional organiser. In this era of consumerism, we need to earn skills to deal with all the stuff that comes into our lives. I’m inspired particularly by Lissane Oliver and Peter Walsh. These guys are absolutely consummate at keeping it real when assessing how we stay on top of the chaos around us rather than letting it take over our lives. My mum was always a winner at this – she was a natural organiser. I admire the natural ability some people have at...

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