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Bits and bobs – the value in small things!

My first born was a beautiful girl, Maya. As she grew we had blissful years and she taught me so much about myself and, I thought, about little people. Turns out, she taught me so much about Maya. No two kids are the same right? When I had my second, Gus, I realised that boys can be so different to girls – or maybe everyone is an individual? Gus became a gatherer and a collector. It seems this is not uncommon and I have witnessed this wonderful stage in many little boys with two hands full of special tiny treasures. However, it bugged me when the treasure was obviously not special… I mean, when did a rusted old, flattened Victoria Bitter...

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LEGO - the heirloom toy

Lego is timeless and ageless. Yes, sure the packaging has changed and clever ways of getting us to buy more Lego are part of this day and age. But how cool is it that kids of today are so often building on a collection that started with their mum or dad? So often we hear from our customers about the hand-me-down collection that is being built upon by the next generation. And I can’t help but love the grandmas who have refused to pass on the Lego to the son or daughter, but keep it at their house for the grandkids! We often hear about the denim and string bag from the 80s that helped to make Lego play a...

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