• It can't almost be Christmas!

    I recently popped into the shops to purchase something and lo and behold, there are Christmas trees already for sale!! Surely not!! I am always unsure how to feel about seeing them in stores so early, it's almost as if we are wishing the year away perhaps?! I guess in some ways it starts to prepare us to start thinking about gifts and what we are going to buy! At least you can always buy a Play Pouch to make clean up so achievable for kids or an Aqua Pouch for those hot summer days by the pool! We also have some exciting new products launching just in time for all that Christmas shopping!! We will keep you posted!

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  • Pouch Australia and Escargot Join Forces!

    We are so excited to see our Aqua Pouch waves pattern on the most adorable swimwear around – by Aussie legends Escargot! It just happens that Escargot is the love child of a very beautiful designer, Kate. And even though WE are named Kate and Kate – we like this Kate for more than just her name!  Escargot’s Kate has a love of print, colour, fun and fashion. After years designing successful, top-selling children’s collections for iconic brands including Speedo and Bonds, Kate was motivated to launch her own label, Escargot, in summer 2011. Her brand has made a splash, with over 150 beautiful boutiques, super cool swim stores and department stores stocking Escargot around the world! 

    For Summer 17/18, Pouch Australia and Escargot have teamed up to bring you a fun collaboration matching the waves print of Play Pouch Australia’s Aqua Pouch with a range of Escargot’s gorgeous chlorine proof and comfortable swimwear items for infants, toddlers and tweens – with sizing up to kids 14. 

    The amazing Aqua Pouch is a waterproof carry all with shoulder strap and zip pocket. The Aqua Pouch opens out to become a mat, play space or picnic rug. When it is time to go simply pull on the rope and everything is gathered neatly into the Aqua Pouch. It's perfect for the beach, pool or park and when matched with the delightful swimwear from Escargot, you’ll be all set for a summer of fun!

    Shop the Escargot swimwear here:

    Purchase your Aqua pouch here:

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  • Can we really juggle it all?!

    We have been away from our families for over a week now attending major trade shows and as much as we know the importance of attending and participating in these, it certainly takes a lot of pre planning and organising at home prior to leaving! All the pre planned baby sitters, meals, lists of which child is where before and after school, who has sport on the weekends, you name it!

    But some how as parents we manage to juggle it all or do we?! I don't know if we ever feel like we do but what I do know is that as long as our kids feel loved and cared for, are fed and clothed then everything else will just fall into place!

    How do you juggle daily life?!

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  • Bits and bobs – the value in small things!

    My first born was a beautiful girl, Maya. As she grew we had blissful years and she taught me so much about myself and, I thought about little people. Turns out, she taught me so much about Maya. No two kids are the same right? Then when I had my second, Gus, I realised that boys can be so different to girls – or maybe everyone is an individual? In saying that, Gus became a gatherer, and a collector. I’ve heard this is not uncommon and I have witnessed this wonderful stage in many a little boy with two hands full of special tiny treasures. It only ever bugged me when the treasure was obviously not special… I mean, when did a rusted old, flattened Victoria Bitter lid hold any value? Or why covet a bit of plastic coated electrical wire that was discarded by the electrician who fitted the outdoor sensor light? I’m not so sure. My saving grace has been the Mini Play Pouch. “Gather what you like my darling, as long as it goes in your special Mini Play Pouch… very important and secret collections can go in the pocket!”. Suddenly I’m all earth-mother, uber-cool again. And interestingly, I have been far more accepting of the bolts, gum nuts and plastic unknowns. But blu-tak that could well be old chewing gum is actually not a collector’s item. Ever!

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  • Telstra Business Award Finalists - Pouch Australia for the win!

    Wow, well to say that we are excited and almost a bit overwhelmed to be a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards is a bit of an understatement! Kate and I are so thankful to you our stockists, customers, family and friends because without you we wouldn't be where we are today!

    We are looking forward to the Awards night next Tuesday and hope that we can do SA proud!

    Love and Best

    Kate and Kate xx



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  • Making Clean Up Achievable with Play Pouch!

    Something I have learned as a mum is that cleaning up is not a natural skill. Early on I expected that my kids would simply pick up the things they had scattered and put it where it should be. Well boy was I wrong! Realistically I never cared for tidying until I had kids of my own and then I thought that everyone could easily keep things in basic order. But now I appreciate that the idea of keeping things in order is not something that comes naturally to most kids. Fair enough! But I have long known that a good percentage of kids will be motivated by pleasing their caregiver or parent. And if it is easy to do that then the action of pleasing is a priority. With Play Pouch I have seen that kids delight in the clean up… the instant gratification of pulling on the rope and having a task complete in a matter of seconds is too easy. So the tidy up happens and activities that were once avoided due to the pains around the clean-up become a joy. Yay Play Pouch! 

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