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More Play, Less Screen!

As our babies grow into toddlers and pre-schoolers, life continues to be busy and get busier. Play with our kids can become less of a priority as house work, paid work and daily life rolls on. As adults, we can get caught up in order, organisation, cleanliness and routine. If we have a chance, we just want to relax! It can be hard to remember to make time to meet our little people on a playful level. Playing with our kids and letting go can be hard when we feel so time poor and pressured. It seems easier to resort to screens as digital baby-sitters. But as we know and as research shows, play is essential to the development of...

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The Kangaroo and its pouch.

Here at Pouch Australia we are big fans of the kangaroo. Our company name is inspired by the pouch that the kangaroo mumma cradles her baby joey in as it grows. My youngest child asked me if the joey does its roo poos in the pouch! Eeeew. So we did some research and discovered that, yes, the joey spends about 4 months in the pouch before emerging at all. And it is up to 10 months before the joey can live independently from it's mumma. In that time the joey does do its business in the pouch! The mother kangaroo cleans the pouch with her tongue, working around a young joey that is attached to a teat or temporarily evicting an...

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A great gift for every busy family.

Recently at a market I was talking to one of our customers. She did not have kids of her own. She purchased a Mini Pouch and told me it was for a dear friend of hers who has a few children. She said that she loves to be with her friend and the kids, but that the poor little guys make life tough for the mum because they are so bored when out at a café or a restaurant. She planned to fill the Mini Pouch with a selection of interesting things to keep the kids entertained. I love her insight… keep the little tackers entertained and then I’ll get to BE with my friend! Not only that, she was saving the...

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How to store the dress ups now that Book Week is over?

The Book Week parade is a highlight of the year at so many Aussie schools! The kids dress up as their favourite character from a book or make or choose a costume related to the Book Week theme. But how to store your dress ups when the Book Week parade is over? Play Pouch makes it easy...

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