Send us your pictures and reviews!

How amazing is the feeling you get when you take a great photo that captures someone or something we love? Often we post the picture on social media and extend the good feeling by enjoying the reactions and comments. Recently I was talking to a friend about my hopelessness with regular photo taking. I went on to explain that even with the pictures I have taken, I never seem to get around to sorting of my kids' photographs into an album. I was reminded that Facebook and Instagram are really great modern tools for chronologically storing (albeit in average quality) the pictures we take that record moments in our lives! Here at Pouch Australia HQ we are absolutely chuffed when you send us a photo of you and your darlings using a Play Pouch or another of our products. On Instagram, use the hash tag #playpouch or tag us with @playpouch_kids or even message us with a pic through Facebook - go on, make our day!