Keeping Jude Safe

Keeping Jude Safe

When the idea for play pouch came about, my third son Jude was about the size of a peanut in my belly. I had no idea at that point how important and relevant the play pouch would become in our lives not just for the quick tidy up, toy storage and creative play but for keeping Jude safe!

Jude has special needs and requires a lot more care and attention than his older brothers Will and Malvie. At age 4 he is still in nappies and requires help with most daily self-care functions and activities and EVERYTHING goes in his mouth!

Play pouch continues to keep Jude entertained at his older brother’s games of cricket and soccer, countless family and friend gatherings and social events but most importantly has prevented him from choking on small pieces of Lego. Many times over!

Will and Malvie love their Lego and have understood from the moment Jude could move that they had to “pack it way” on his drooling approach! – The play pouch has made this easy and effective!

Never did I imagine that we would still be needing a play pouch for the safety of our Jude, but we do and it continues to give us peace of mind and make our busy lives that little bit less hectic!

On the flipside, Jude is the apple of our eye. He is ridiculously cute, quirky and loving and as I sit and type this, all is quiet and he has gone AWOL – hmmmm, on that note, I’d better go rescue the cat! (he loves squeeze cuddles but the cat does not!). Kate C xx

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