Use a LEGO Bag to Organise and Transport Your Construction Blocks 

For over 70 years, kids have loved playing with LEGO blocks, yet parents haven’t had a storage method as convenient as our LEGO bag to avoid the mess that comes with them. Instead of using bulky plastic containers or filling drawers with a random assemblage of coloured blocks, you can use our bags to keep them organised and have a ready-made play area for your kids to start building in an instant.

Creative Ways to Use a LEGO Bag in Australia

If you’ve never used this kind of bag before, it’s easy to overlook how it helps you both at home and when you’re taking your child elsewhere for play.

  • These LEGO bags are functional both as a bag for storage and transit as well as an easily cleaned play area. Rather than emptying the bag onto the ground, you simply loosen the drawstrings and the bag unfolds into a convenient play mat.
  • This transition between a storage bag and play mat enables your kids to become more involved in the clean-up process. When you use a tidy bag as the play mat, then you remove the difficulty and chore aspect of it, making it easier to convince your kids to set everything on the mat. Pull the drawstrings taut, and all the Lego are conveniently back in the bag. 
  • You can also use multiple bags to organise a larger collection. Separate space, medieval, and modern LEGO into different bags so that your kids can bring their favourites without mixing them into a single container. Select a different colour scheme for each bag to make it even easier to keep track of which part of the collection is in each bag.

What Sets Play Pouch Australia Apart Regarding a Tidy Toy Mat and Bag

Several things set our bags apart from others that you’ll find for storage and organisation:

  • Play Pouch Australia pioneered this bag design, so we know what we’re doing when it comes to construction standards and design. We’ve successfully helped countless families make playtime less of a struggle and keep their homes more consistently organised. 
  • We only use high-quality materials for these bags so that they can withstand daily use and your kids repeatedly opening and closing them. You don’t have to worry about the drawstring coming loose or blocks falling out of holes in the bag.
  • Our designs reflect modern sensibilities and can fit stylishly in your home. Don’t use bulky containers that take up too much space on your shelves when you can instead use our bags and maintain a contemporary layout.

Why Trust Play Pouch Australia Regarding Their Toy Bag Designs

Families across Australia have relied on our bags for years. We’ve taken a simple concept and refined it so that you can get bags that are perfect for your home. Use a few of our bags to reduce the stress of tidying up after playtime and make it effortless to transport your child’s Lego collection. Contact us today for answers to any questions you have about our bags or to place your order.

The Inspiration

This was the toy bag that Kate C had as a child. It had many eyelets around the edge of a circle of denim and red rope that pulled up through the eyelets.

The Kates

Kate and Kate are best mates and busy mums who created a product out of the need for less mess and chaos in their homes!

The Kids

Play Pouch was born from a need to tame toys in our homes! Our kids have been our inspiration, motivation, test bunnies, models and our greatest achievements.

The Promise

We value the importance of learning through creative play. We strive to improve the everyday for families and foster independence by making clean up achievable for kids.

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