Drawstring Toy Bag

Eliminate Stress from Your Child’s Playtime with a Drawstring Toy Bag

When you have dozens of different toys and struggle to organise them when you’re travelling about, a drawstring toy bag can reduce stress and make your life simpler. Play Pouch Australia has designed several convenient bags that allow you to tuck away toys when they’re not in use and bring them with you as easily as wearing a backpack. 

Tips Regarding the Play Mat and Drawstring Bag

Many people are amazed at how easy and convenient it is to use play bags to enhance their children’s fun without making a big mess. You can use them in several convenient ways:

  • Bring the toys with you wherever you go. The bag keeps everything together in one place for easy transit, then as soon as playtime begins, your child can empty the bag and use it as a convenient play mat. Once you’ve finished and are ready to return home, simply pull the drawstrings to convert the mat back into a bag.
  • You can use multiple bags to keep different kinds of toys separated. Use a LEGO drawstring backpack for building blocks and a visually distinct play bag for your child’s other toys. When they’re finished playing with one kind of toy, tidy it up and let them switch to the next bag.
  • These pouches also tuck away neatly when you’re at home. Designate a play area for your children so that they know where to go when it’s time to bring toys on the go. When they’re playing at home, they can grab the playmat from the usual spot and immediately start having fun. 

What Sets Play Pouch Australia Apart Regarding a Drawstring Play Mat and Bag

We stand by our playmats and bags because we know how well they’re made. When you bring them into your home, you’ll immediately notice several things:

  • These bags are designed to last even when your kids get rowdy. The durable construction ensures that your bag will last through hundreds of uses and still function as good as it looks. We use sturdy drawstrings to consistently let you open and close the bags as many times as you need regardless of the contents.
  • We’ve designed these bags to match modern trends. Select from a broad range of different bags, each with its unique look. Find the designs that work best for your home so that you can maintain a clean aesthetic at home without having to hide the toys away far from the places that your children will use them.
  • Each pouch is a self-contained unit both for transit and play. By using the same bag to bring the toys with you and to use as a mat at playgrounds and friends’ houses, you eliminate the possibility that you’ll lose an important part. We know that small pieces are easy to lose, and fragile components break easily when kids are nearby, so count on these bags to continue working for years.

We know that you’ll be able to tell the difference between our bags and those that aren’t made with the same high standards. 

Benefits of Creative Play with a Drawstring Play Mat and Bag 

In an increasingly electronic society, there are several important reasons to encourage your children in creative play:

  • As helpful as computers, tablets, and mobile devices are to remain connected and have access to incredible depths of information; they’re not purely positive. It’s easy for children to spend too much time in front of screens, which can discourage activity and inspire them to live a more sedentary lifestyle. If you make their toys easier to access, they’ll be more likely to play with them and voluntarily reduce their screen time.
  • Creative play is essential to foster an active imagination. Much like the muscles in their bodies, your kids must exercise their creativity regularly. Even the most engaging electronic devices are still a passive form of entertainment, so anything that can help them break away from those and actively create their own worlds with physical toys will encourage growth, creativity, and maturity.
  • Parents know that it’s a struggle to get their kids to clean up. Fortunately, our drawstring play mat helps your kids keep the toys in one place and makes it a game to tidy them up when finished. Encourage your kids to cooperate with tidying up their toys by using a drawstring toy mat.

What You Stand to Gain by Using Play Pouch Australia

There are few opportunities in life to help your kids develop their creativity at the same time as you reduce your stress. Play Pouch Australia has developed the perfect toy bags to give you this chance, so you can simplify your life and encourage your children to develop good habits at an early age. Contact us to learn more about how we make our playmats and see which ones are right for your home.

The Inspiration

This was the toy bag that Kate C had as a child. It had many eyelets around the edge of a circle of denim and red rope that pulled up through the eyelets.

The Kates

Kate and Kate are best mates and busy mums who created a product out of the need for less mess and chaos in their homes!

The Kids

Play Pouch was born from a need to tame toys in our homes! Our kids have been our inspiration, motivation, test bunnies, models and our greatest achievements.

The Promise

We value the importance of learning through creative play. We strive to improve the everyday for families and foster independence by making clean up achievable for kids.

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