LEGO Storage Bag

Our LEGO Storage Bag Ensures Your House is Tidy When Playtime is Over

Our LEGO storage bag is the parent’s answer to a tidy home. Play Pouch Australia offers products that make cleaning up fun and playtime last longer. Discover why so many parents choose more than one pouch for their home.

What Sets Play Pouch Australia Apart Regarding Toy Storage in Sydney

Our Play Pouches are the busy parent’s answer to keeping the toy mess under control. We want your children to have a carefree playtime and for you to relax, knowing you’ll have a tidy home by dinner. Discover the advantages that our products deliver. 

  • Our printed play pouch can hold 18,220 LEGO pieces! If you have that many, then owning a bag is essential to your sanity. It only takes one piece underfoot to cause a parent massive pain when stepping on it. We want every piece to remain safely stored until it’s time to play again. Our LEGO storage system offers smooth pull up action that captures each piece as you draw the rope upwards. The front pocket with a zipper keeps those prized pieces safe for future use or quick access.

  • Busy children mean wear and tear on everything with which they come into contact. We created our pouches with durable fabric that your child can drag from room to room without worry. The LEGO drawstring bag is made with strong rope so that there will be no issues when the pouch hangs from a hook. We design and manufacture our products in Australia with tight controls on the quality that we demand, and you will receive it. 

  • Our pouches take style seriously. While your children’s Play Pouch will keep the area tidy, the fabric you choose for the bag will add an on-trend look to your home. We offer many beautiful patterns and colours that stand out as both uptown and fun. You may choose a dinosaur pattern for your son’s room or a beach pattern to carry with you to the ocean or pool. The colours run from cheery to sassy or from subdued to understated. Half the fun is deciding if you need more to show off your good taste.

Tips Regarding Our LEGO Storage Bag in Australia

  • Every parent needs versatile options. Yes, you may want a large LEGO drawstring bag in Australia if your child’s current obsession is building as many LEGO structures as possible. However, we also offer small to-go bags that can hold crayons or a small supply of mini cars to occupy a busy toddler during a dinner out. 
  • LEGO is one of the world’s best-selling toys. Children can entertain themselves for hours, creating structures such as new towers, buildings, or cars. They play alone, as well as engage in parallel play. Maybe you need a break and want to converse with friends. When your child arrives at a play date with a Play Pouch slung over his or her shoulder, their friends will welcome them with open arms. It is easily transportable from home to car to a neighbour’s house. After hours of concentrated play on the floor with the LEGO, they can move onto another activity after a quick swoop of the drawstring. Whether your child fills his or her pouch with blocks, Lincoln Logs, miniature cars, Barbies, or action figures, their friends will come running to the most exciting guest to arrive. \

  • In our fast-paced world, every parent can use a little less stress. Our LEGO brick bag is just one example of an easy way to keep a home tidy and more organised. Tripping over toys after a day at work or hours at your child’s school is the last thing you want. With our bags, your life is more relaxing because a home with less mess means more downtime to spend with your children. 

About Play Pouch Australia

We created our products to make your life easier and for your children to enjoy their playtime without the pressure of cleaning up. Our products are versatile, durable, and fun. Made in Australia by mums with busy parents in mind, the quality we demand and the workmanship you receive is second to none. Please contact us with any questions.

Look to us for the busy parent’s answer to the toy mess. Choose our pouches and bags in multiple colours and designs today.

The Inspiration

This was the toy bag that Kate C had as a child. It had many eyelets around the edge of a circle of denim and red rope that pulled up through the eyelets.

The Kates

Kate and Kate are best mates and busy mums who created a product out of the need for less mess and chaos in their homes!

The Kids

Play Pouch was born from a need to tame toys in our homes! Our kids have been our inspiration, motivation, test bunnies, models and our greatest achievements.

The Promise

We value the importance of learning through creative play. We strive to improve the everyday for families and foster independence by making clean up achievable for kids.

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