Childrens Toy Storage

When most people think of childrens toy storage, they think of boxes and chests, all with sharp corners and hard surfaces. There is an alternative, and stylish storage item made from soft fabric, incorporating a fun, colourful design which makes cleaning up easy while the colours inspire your kids to greatness. 

Solutions For Childrens Toy Storage In Australia

If you want your child’s bedroom or your living room clutter-free, the obvious answer is to consider storage boxes and shelves. When shopping for toy storage, some principles can make the purchase decision easier.

  • Make storage accessible to your children. No matter whether you are looking for storage boxes or a hanging rack for clothes, make sure that storage containers are convenient for their height.
  • Labels: Help your children to remain organised by labelling their storage boxes. These labels can include both the name and an image of what should be stored within them. 
  • Look out for stylish furniture that can double up as children’s toy storage. This way, the children’s toys can still be kept in the living room.  

All these ideas are useful. However, in most cases, you can’t move the storage container around from one room to another, never mind taking a storage box to a park or café. 

Common Mistakes People Make With Children’s Toy Storage

It may look simple: you buy storage items for the children’s toys, and make sure they are within reach so that your children can tidy up after play. There are however, some common mistakes parents make:

  • Focusing only on price. We all have our budgets; but when you use the price as the only measure, you could find later that you have bought yourself some costly problems. If you buy a storage box that is too small, you will need several small boxes to store all the toys; or worse still − you may not have the storage space in which to place the toys. 
  • Not creating space for the toys in the living room. Indeed, you want a clean home, there are ways of bringing in toys into the room, making the toys be part of the décor. For instance, you can purchase a vintage bike for the youngsters to ride around on.
  • Overlooking the safety aspect of storage items.  Sharp corners, string or and the hard surface can be dangerous for children. A storage container that is too small can also result in over packing and falling toys. Instead opt for an item you can use that is made of quality material, yet won’t be a safety concern for your kids.

What Sets Play Pouch Apart From Other Children’s Toy Storage in Australia?

The PlayPouch concept came into being in 2011, with the focus on offering a stylish and practical solution to children’s toy storage. Not only are there various types of designs based on your needs, but the bags are made of quality fabric, which is durable and flexible. Bags are also portable, and the design has been patented in Australia. There is simply no equal to this product. If you are seeking a girls’ toy storage or boys’ toy storage solution, look first at the Play Pouch. Safe, durable, and portable, you can carry the bag, and the kids have the benefit of a colourful play mat. Contact us to learn more about the various designs available, selecting the design best suited to your needs.

The Inspiration

This was the toy bag that Kate C had as a child. It had many eyelets around the edge of a circle of denim and red rope that pulled up through the eyelets.

The Kates

Kate and Kate are best mates and busy mums who created a product out of the need for less mess and chaos in their homes!

The Kids

Play Pouch was born from a need to tame toys in our homes! Our kids have been our inspiration, motivation, test bunnies, models and our greatest achievements.

The Promise

We value the importance of learning through creative play. We strive to improve the everyday for families and foster independence by making clean up achievable for kids.

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