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Making Clean Up Achievable with Play Pouch!

Something I have learned as a mum is that cleaning up is not a natural skill. Early on I expected that my kids would simply pick up the things they had scattered and put it where it should be. Well boy was I wrong! Realistically I never cared for tidying until I had kids of my own and then I thought that everyone could easily keep things in basic order. But now I appreciate that the idea of keeping things in order is not something that comes naturally to most kids. Fair enough! A good percentage of kids will be motivated by pleasing their caregiver or parent. If a task is easy to do and kids know that they will please...

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Looking on the bright side

I remember when I was a teenager, first hearing the phrase “random acts of kindness.” It propelled me through so many moments with family, friends and strangers. I had a label for my sometimes actions and it felt so good! Lately I’ve been feeling the “first world problem” vibe. Oh wow, how this label helps to put things in perspective. It’s crazy how many of my ‘problems’ are not related to basic needs. While I do a little bit to help those less fortunate than me, I know there is so much more to give. What do you do to give to your local or our global community? When do you remember that we are living in the lucky country?...

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Our Stockists

I like to shop. It happens that every now and then I find myself in a store that is a treasure trove. So many gorgeous things. So much excellent design and attractive aesthetic. I could spend a million dollars easily!. These shops are headed up by brave everyday people, curating a delightful mix of products, driven by impeccable taste and passion. We are honoured that sometimes these store buyers have chosen to stock Pouch Australia products. We are so chuffed that Play Pouch, Mini Pouch and Aqua Pouch sit with other brilliant items on the shelves of these stores – merchandised so beautifully in environments that delight the customer. Something I have noticed is the commitment of these shops to...

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Adele in Adelaide - Last night we were so excited to attend the Adele concert here in Adelaide, I think along with half the entire state! What an amazingly talented artist, who is so down to earth inside and out and has a powerhouse voice that resonates with so many of us! What was even more thrilling was when we were able to hand one of our very own award winning Play Pouches to Adele as we were standing within an arms reach! She said, “Oh I have one of these, I love it, I will take that, thanks!” and then handed to her team to keep for her! We didn’t think we could possibly love her anymore. Imagine Adele using...

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Avoiding excess screen time.

So, my kids love screens. And I’ve noticed that everywhere I go there are people heads down, eyes peeled on a screen. There’s plenty of research about the effects of excess screen use and we all know it's better to limit it - regular human interaction obviously has a lot to teach us about ourselves, others and getting along. Of course, I don’t always commit enough time to being present with my kids. The reality is that it is not always viable to be 100% WITH them… you know - so much to do, so much to maintain, so much to achieve etc! My kids, like most (I think) when screens are off they spend an awful lot of time...

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