Your wonderful testimonials make our day!

Today I was looking on Instagram for some testimonials to add to the Play Pouch Australia website and I had such a nice time scrolling through photos that have been tagged with our account @playpouch_kids. Here are a few of the great comments that have been made about the Play Pouch:

 “Thanks Play Pouch for keeping it all together and saving my sanity!” @mumto3boyz

“We love our Play Pouch. It’s so great when the kids can see all of their duplo pieces and they are all contained to the one mat, plus pack up is easy. Great for home or classroom!” @teacher_types

“When the kids plead to take their Lego to the grandparents house for the day, you scoop up your Play Pouch and say ‘yes, of course’!” @adelaideloves

 “Anyone who knows me knows I can’t deal with clutter. Or mess. My house isn’t perfect. Or always clean. But anything that gives the illusion that I’ve got it all under control stepford-wife-style is a winner. And that is why when I first saw these beauties from Play Pouch it was love. Modernising old school. Stylish storage bags for all your little bits and pieces. Heck yes!”

“Brooklyn didn’t get any Lego for Christmas but he did get this Play Pouch and it was like all the Lego was new again! Having it all tipped out like that provided so much more entertainment than in its normal box that it was in. And the best bit – I don’t have to spend ages convincing him to pack it up at the end, I just grab the two ends of rope, tie it up and hang in on the door handle.” @withthewhittakers

 “This product is my BEST child related purchase to date! This amazing invention allows kids to play lego on the circle mat but the best part is when visitors arrive – I just scoop it up and pack it away. I think it is my favourite product ever.” @pipdotart

 “Life-saving play mats” @storkscorner

 “Lego storage has been revolutionised! Ez never wanted to play Lego upstairs alone and I hate him bringing it downstairs because it gets strewn all over the dining table/floor/kitchen bench. So I ordered a Play Pouch to store it all in, and then we can just pick it up and bring everything downstairs or wherever he wants to play!!! Then it can hang on a hook away from a soon to be mobile baby Archer. Hooray!” @yellowdandy

 “Greatest invention ever! Perfect for duplo which normally takes ages to tidy up.” @storybysheena

As you can imagine, we’re pretty chuffed! We also love to read reviews on our Facebook page and really love hearing about how Play Pouch helps in your home - @playpouchaustralia. If you want to make our day (go on!) please post a photo of your Play Pouch in action on Instagram and tag us @playpouch_kids or use hashtag #playpouch.

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