The Story Behind Play Pouch!

We are Kate and Kate, the creators of Play Pouch Australia. We first met at a mutual friend’s mothers group 10 years ago. We clicked instantly, our friendship grew from our similar sense of humour & love for all things creative ultimately leading us to the creation of Play Pouch Australia. Our inspiration for the Play Pouch came from the 6 children we have between our 2 families and the desire to limit the continuous spread of LEGO®, trains, balls, blocks and dolls in our homes! Kate C had a vintage “sheet & string” lego sack as a child. After realizing nothing like this existed on the market we set about redesigning our own version, improving its functionality, style and durability for families of today. Coupled with Kate O’s sewing abilities, the Play Pouch was born!

Pouch Australia products empower kids to participate in an achievable pack up. “I used to tear my hair out when the LEGO® tub was up-ended”, says Kate C, mother of three boys, “and I’d spend ages trying to get the boys to help pick up the LEGO®. Inevitably I’d clean it up on my own, only to find pieces scattered throughout the house. Now my older boys play with LEGO® in the Play Pouch and they pack it away without me having to help.”

Kate O says, “I love that I can fit plenty of beach towels and sand toys in an Aqua Pouch for a day at the beach with the family. The zip pocket means I don’t lose my car keys in the sand and the waterproof finish means my car interior stays dry and clean”

Our goal is to simplify family life chaos by bringing simple, stylish & functional products to every busy family!  

One thing we take great pride in is that we design all of our products ourselves. In the early days we also made them ourselves, however when the demand increased beyond our family and friends we realised we needed to outsource! We have a great relationship with our manufacturers who are based in China. It is essential that our products are ethically made with high quality materials and workmanship. Something that we are proud of and monitor by visiting & regular inspections at the manufacturing facility. This process continues with all our new products. 

We look forward to the lasting journey that Play Pouch will take us and can't wait for what it will bring, watch this space!








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