The art of teaching your child to clean up and why it is so important!


I feel like so much time in my day is taken up with asking my kids to tidy up their mess.  It really gets frustrating.

However, I always encourage my kids to clean up their own mess as well as help their siblings. Asking kids to clean up after themselves not only provides them with responsibility, but also teaches them about accountability. They need to take care of the toys they are playing with as well as respect the space they are using them in. This will also help them as they grow older and become teenagers. They are more likely to keep their things tidy if they’ve always had the responsibility to do so.

How We Montessori talk about a number of different ways to encourage your child to clean up and why it’s so important. You can read more about this on our Facebook page today, but here are a few key ideas from How We Montessori about cleaning up and what it teaches kids: 

  • We value and respect our materials and our toys
  • We value our environment and our home
  • We value order
  • Teaches natural consequences
  • Teaches responsibility

These are just a few ideas taken from a great article. I think it is important that we don’t set out to teach our kids about perfection and more about helping them to develop good habits to take through each stage of their lives.

How do you encourage your child to clean up effectively? 


References from How We Montessori – How to encourage your child to clean up and why it’s important


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