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Making Clean Up Achievable with Play Pouch!

Something I have learned as a mum is that cleaning up is not a natural skill. Early on I expected that my kids would simply pick up the things they had scattered and put it where it should be. Well boy was I wrong! Realistically I never cared for tidying until I had kids of my own and then I thought that everyone could easily keep things in basic order. But now I appreciate that the idea of keeping things in order is not something that comes naturally to most kids. Fair enough! A good percentage of kids will be motivated by pleasing their caregiver or parent. If a task is easy to do and kids know that they will please...

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YAY mum, YAY dad!

This blog post is a shout out to mums and dads… all you wonderful people who keep daily life rolling in busy family homes. Thank you for keeping life on the up. For food shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, folding, sorting rubbish, booking appointments, reading readers, remembering show-and-tell etc... juggling all the commitments of family life while keeping little souls safe and happy. Further yay to the bread-winners – the mums and dads who work, loving it or not, to bring in the bacon to keep the family equipped and provide basics and beyond. Simplifying things, we know it matters to celebrate birthdays, wins and losses, simple dinners, quiet book reading, holidays of pj days, spaces of time with friends and...

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