Plastic Tub vs Play Pouch

This post seems a no-brainer to me… but I write it for those of you who seek a sorted and organised home. Just so you know – my home is not perfectly organised! However, I have toyed with the idea of becoming a professional organiser. In this era of consumerism, we need to earn skills to deal with all the stuff that comes into our lives. I’m inspired particularly by Lissane Oliver and Peter Walsh. These guys are absolutely consummate at keeping it real when assessing how we stay on top of the chaos around us rather than letting it take over our lives. My mum was always a winner at this – she was a natural organiser. I admire the natural ability some people have at choosing quality, curating the items that take their attention and fill their space and making those things work for them. For now, what I can offer is the Play Pouch vs the plastic tub. Try it in your home. See how the items you store in a Play Pouch are vested with the attention they deserve. Test the way that the Play Pouch may allow you to have those things to be used rather than being out of reach or mind. And consider whether using a Play Pouch rather than a plastic tub contributes to your lifestyle and quality of life. xx

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