Something I have learned as a mum is that cleaning up is not a natural skill. Early on I expected that my kids would simply pick up the things they had scattered and put it where it should be. Well boy was I wrong!

Realistically I never cared for tidying until I had kids of my own and then I thought that everyone could easily keep things in basic order. But now I appreciate that the idea of keeping things in order is not something that comes naturally to most kids. Fair enough!

A good percentage of kids will be motivated by pleasing their caregiver or parent. If a task is easy to do and kids know that they will please their adult then they tend to choose to have a go. With Play Pouch I have seen that kids delight in the clean up… the instant gratification of pulling on the rope and having a task complete in a matter of seconds is too easy. So the tidy up happens and activities that were once avoided due to the pains around the clean-up become a joy. Yay Play Pouch! 

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