It's time to Colour & Go!

We are so excited to have had such a great response to the very gorgeous Colour & Go Mini Pouch! It comes with 4 markers so that you can colour your Mini Pouch just the way YOU like it. You can use the Colour & Go Mini Pouch for storing small collections, for tabletop play or take it with you on your next adventure. We wanted to decorate the Colour & Go Mini Pouch with some great illustrations ready for colouring in and when we saw the work of Jana Rushforth we knew we had found just the right artist.

Jana is inspired by nature, animals and adventures and through her business Word Finders Club, she creates prints, stationery and milestone cards for the young and young at heart. After the birth of her son, Jana began to see the world through childlike eyes once again leading her to reconnect with childhood pursuits like exploring nature and her love of woodland animals. It was this, combined with her interest in drawing and completing a good word search that saw the beginning of Word Finders Club. Jana’s fun and adventurous characters jump off the page in all her bright and happy designs, provoking that childlike sense of joy and adventure for all that take a peek.

Check out her work here: 

Jana’s shop




We are proud to present her work on the Colour & Go Mini Pouch, sure to be a family favourite. Look out for the Colour & Go Mini Pouch, $49, at a stockist near you or order direct in our shop.

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