Avoiding excess screen time.

So, my kids love screens. And I’ve noticed that everywhere I go there are people heads down, eyes peeled on a screen. There’s plenty of research about the effects of excess screen use and we all know it's better to limit it - regular human interaction obviously has a lot to teach us about ourselves, others and getting along. Of course, I don’t always commit enough time to being present with my kids. The reality is that it is not always viable to be 100% WITH them… you know - so much to do, so much to maintain, so much to achieve etc! My kids, like most (I think) when screens are off they spend an awful lot of time bickering. Essentially I figure it is because they are bored. While it’s not always the answer, I’ve noticed that a good activity helps to keep the fighting at bay. So when screens are off… enter the Play Pouch. And the versatile Mini Pouch of course. Duplo, done? Cars, enough? Musical instruments (only if I am feeling robust of course), done? Then clearly it must be bath time… and the best bit? I can get from the bathroom to the kitchen without injury! Happy days x