A great way to shop.

I like to shop. Every now and then I find myself in a store that is a treasure trove. So many gorgeous things! So much excellent design and attractive aesthetic. I could spend a million, easy. These shops are headed up by brave everyday people, curating a delightful mix of products, driven by impeccable taste and passion.

We are honoured that sometimes these store owners have chosen to stock Pouch Australia products. We are so chuffed that play pouch and mini pouch sit with other brilliant items on the shelves of these stores – merchandised so beautifully in environments that delight the customer. The shop owners have a commitment to bring special products to their people, their community. We are delighted that our products are easily integrated into these amazing stores, where the experience of shopping is a treat for the senses and where the act of making a purchase is more than just a financial transaction, but is a meeting of like-minded people sharing the joy of an excellent purchase. That kind of shopping is awesome.

Check our stockists listing to find a cool store in your area. We hope you have fun with Christmas shopping this season, and we bet that if you find yourself in a store that stocks Play Pouch, you'll have a wonderful time. Enjoy! 

(image - Grey & Wild NZ)